2020 Arizona Wedding Planning Tips (from a long time Flagstaff caterer)

Planning your own wedding can be a huge job and Arizona has so much to offer anyone who chooses to spend their big day here. So, let’s jump right in to some tips and tricks for this coming year in the beautiful Southwest!

1 Beware the weather!

This might sound like a no-brainer. Arizona is warm, right? Well, the real answer is: only sometimes! While all the sunshine might make it seem like an outdoor wedding will be a lovely walk in the park, remember that Arizona actually has seasons too! Sometimes, Phoenix floods, it snows at the Grand Canyon, and Sedona is subject to our Monsoon season. Check with your venue for “just in case” alternatives like moving indoors or putting up enough shady areas for guests. And, read more about our weather patterns here.

View from Agave, an event venue in Sedona where Main Street is
proud to be the preferred caterer.

2 Beware the roads!

While one of Arizona’s biggest  draws is our outdoor scenery, sometimes it can be tricky to navigate nature if you’re not used to it. The Flagstaff Arboretum is miles down a dirt road, the trails to many of Sedona’s finest photoshoot areas require an off-road worthy vehicle and sometimes a bit of a hike. This deserves even more consideration if you have an outdoor venue. We have catered many a wedding where guests didn’t realized that the outdoor venue wasn’t paved, and therefore made walking in their expensive high heels quite difficult. Also, make sure that your caterer is familiar with the venue you choose. If they need to bring a grill, brick oven, or other equipment with them, they may need more time, effort, and staff to even get to & from your celebration spot.

3 Beware the do-it-yourself temptations

We are all looking for ways to save a buck or two, especially when it comes to huge events like wedding receptions. But not everything is as easily made in real life as it looks like it is on Pinterest. The things you make, will have to be dug out of a box, re-assembled and re-created by your friends or a wedding planner’s staff, 6 months after you figured it out the first time and packed it in there. When you’re planning a year in advance, it may feel like you have all the time in the world to figure out how you’ll make all the decoration pieces and put them together, but remember that, on your big day, if those things don’t get done, you may be disappointed (and it’s here that we mention all the predictable things, like, budgeting your time, consider hiring a wedding planner, and if you can’t afford one, making sure you have some reliable, organized friends, who are willing to spend a lot of time doing delegated tasks, outside of the usual fun time just spent celebrating with you).

4 Beware the self blame

All in all, I hear of a lot of brides who end up upset with their friends, family, and themselves, when things don’t go as planned on their special day. And, while it’s true that maybe some more things could’ve gotten done or looked nicer or what have you, the truth is, the day is about you and your partner. People who didn’t help you decorate will have absolutely no idea that you actually had 3 more bags of pinecones or 25 more succulents that you meant to put out on the tables and just didn’t get to because of the time crunch.

Do not let things like this get you down.

Weddings are supposed to be about families coming together, and mushy stuff like that. If anyone complains about the centerpieces being off-center, we all know you only invited that person to be polite in the first place and hopefully this will fill your new familial obligation to speak to them for at least the next couple of years.

Thank you again for reading, and best of luck! Let us know how helpful this is! And, for more information on Main Street Catering happenings, insights, and event planning tips, follow us on Facebook , Instagram, and subscribe to this blog !

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