Top Five Reasons Why Flagstaff’s Main Street Catering Thinks They Deserve Your Business

With all of the amazing options available for caterers in Northern Arizona, you probably want to know why we think we’re so special. So, we’ve come up with our favorite five reasons! Sure, we’re biased, but we also think this list shows that we are pretty objectively awesome, so, let us know what YOU think at the end!

1) First of all, we are not a chain or attached to a large corporation of any kind. We serve the Flagstaff and Sedona communities because they are also our home. We are thrilled to be providing jobs for fellow Flagstaffians, and keeping your valuable tax dollars local, where they can have the most impact on this beautiful area, that is so dear to us all.

Caesar Salad with fresh made roles, viewed from above with vibrant and appetizing colors
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2) We’re passionate about our food and our service. This may seem cliche, but we mean it! MainStreet Catering does just that: Catering. We don’t have to worry about the daily operations of a restaurant, (or anything else, really) except being the very best caterer that we can possibly be. And everyone knows that passion tastes delicious. 😉

3) We are very well established and experienced. Main Street was founded in 1988 and we’ve been learning and growing ever since. While new restaurants are wonderful for our town’s taste-buds, economy, and aesthetic, we are also proud of the expertise that we have, most of which, only time and experience can teach.

End of buffet table at a wedding. Decorative greenery, flowers, and a sign on which is written, "Love at first bite".

4) We spare no expense: Though, we try to maintain the bare minimum of non-food essentials (like keeping up this blog, and the occasional splurge on advertising), the bulk of the Main Street budget goes straight to the purchase of quality food, and a lot of it! Because we know it really tastes better! Our second biggest expense? The wages of our employees. And, we are delighted that those are what we invest in. We think it speaks to our character, food quality, and the appreciation we have for our entire catering team.

Dave DeGraff : Founder, Owner, and Executive Chef of Main Street Catering for over 25 years.

5) Last but not least, we truly treasure the Flagstaff community in a special way. Main Street’s roots are here, and we’ve had the same owner, Dave DeGraff, since our humble beginnings in the late 80’s. This community has supported Dave’s business, which supported his family and helped put his daughter through college & grad school (a Stanford University graduate of ‘11). In fact, she too went on to start her own business, which Dave also gives the Flagstaff community a lot of credit for. So, Main Street Catering doesn’t just have deep roots in Northern Arizona, we’re also very grateful to the population for all they have already given to us, and we like to think that shows in our work.

Thank you so much for reading! Please let us know how you think we measure up! For more information on MainStreet Catering happenings, insights, and event planning tips, follow us on Facebook , Instagram, and subscribe to this blog !

All Our Best,

-The Main Street Catering Team

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