Pecan coconut tart

Chocolate truffle turtle cake

Streusel spice cake

Georgia pecan pie

Miniature cheesecake bites in assorted flavors

Banana coconut rum cake

Assorted gourmet cookies and gingerbread humans

Apple pie with oatmeal streusel topping

Cappuccino cream cheese brownies

Chocolate mousse tart with chocolate cookie crust

Blueberry sour cream pie

Lemon tart with brown sugar glaze

Coconut crusted cheesecake with macadamia praline

Miniature chocolate cups with chocolate mousse and raspberries


Miniature white chocolate cups with cheesecake mousse and strawberries

Fresh fruit salad or strawberries

Seasonal fresh fruit tarts with vanilla pastry cream

Hawaiian fruit salad with mango papaya coconut & pineapple